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Since the beginning, our mission has been to save and conserve a resource that, surprisingly to some, is endangered. And sadly, they may soon become extinct if we don't act swiftly.

It happens every day, all around Texas. You've seen it, and you probably turn your head the other way. Pennies. They get abandoned, left on streets—even thrown in the trash. Just last month, we found a whole group left under a couch cushion.

But don't get discouraged. There's a place where all pennies are accepted and loved. At Pennywise Power, we want everyone to save pennies where they can. You'd be surprised how far saving a few pennies can go with us.

Save Pennies

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Story 1

Pennies found under couch

Still eight pennies missing from
piggy bank.

Story 2

Cents-less acts of abandonment
Boy witnesses pennies tossed in trash.

Story 3

Pennies left behind
Dozens of pennies found in
public fountain.

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